Rest days. The hardest day in any fitness routine. It is the day that you have an extra couple hours of time to yourself, hours that you would normally spend at the gym. Yay for extra time! But what do you do with this new found time? You know that to stay healthy, your body needs time to rest, repair, and relax, but you also don’t just want to be sitting at home watching TV, wishing you were at the gym! So let’s fix that!

Here are some ideas to keep you productive and working towards your health goals, while giving your body some much needed rest. (and the added Bonus of doing each one!)

1. Go grocery shopping and/or meal prep. Focusing on nutrition (which is so important to a healthy lifestyle) can help take the edge off of not going to the gym. Bonus: It also can get you out of the house and walking around.

2. Go for walk. Rest doesn’t mean you have to be completely physically inactive. A short walk can give you the movement that you crave without going over the top. Choose a beach, park, or funky neighbourhood to stroll through to keep things interesting. Bonus: invite a friend along for some catching up that isn’t food centered!

3. Stretch! Take 10-15 minutes to go through a basic stretching routine or some light yoga flows. We often forget to give flexibility the same attention as strength and cardio, so a rest day is the perfect time to work on this. Bonus: make a flexibility goal (touch toes, do the spilts, etc) to keep you honest about how much you stretch.

4. Clean house. Again, light physical activity is okay for a rest day. Clean your cupboards, vacuum the carpets, and do the laundry to keep yourself occupied. Bonus: you get a nice and clean house afterwards!

5. Catch up (guilt free) on your reading or gaming. I can sometimes free a bit naughty when I sit down for an hour to play Hearthstone on my rest days, since I always feel like I could be working out. It is good to remind myself that this is “okay” on days that I am letting my body repair and take of itself. It’s not worth running myself into the ground just for a few extra push ups. Bonus: finally working through your reading list that you’ve been putting off! (For some of my book suggestions, click here!)

What are your favourite things to do on rest days? Is there something I missed? Leave it in the comments below!

Happy Rest Day!