Self talk is a large part of the fitness industry that not everyone talks about it. While part of this is because many PT’s are very focused on the physical side of fitness (aka what you can see), part of it, I think at least, is that many PT’s are just to scared to admit that there own mental game isn’t always on point. That even with years of training and experience coaching others to be their best, us PT’s still get those awkward, random brain slippages while squatting or on our run. And that’s okay!

I will admit that I am more mentally sharp when I am working out on my own than when I am in a group class. I am not sure what it is, maybe it’s because I don’t have to think as much as to what comes next or that there is already another voice to listen to, but in group classes I am notorious for having random thoughts! Suddenly my inner voice goes from “Breath in, breath out, and 5 more reps” to “I wonder how many lululemon symbols I get to see in today’s class?”. Like I have a switch that goes from being on task to all of a sudden I can’t find my happy working space in the sky.

So I have complied a list for your enjoyment of 15 things that I have thought at one point or another in a group fitness class! I’ve tried to keep it fairly PG, but you can image 16-20 would probably include some swearing and at least a reference or two to my lack of support in the chest area (terrible, terrible cardio day) and/or the fact my choice of attire was not a good one. (21-25 would be all about me wondering what my dog would be doing while I am at class and if he’s stolen my shoe again.)


15 Thoughts I’ve Had During A Group Fitness Class!

1. How much longer? Because it feels like an eternity already!

2. What is going on? What is this exercise? My legs go where? How do you make that look so easy!

3. So sweaty! My shirt feels like it’s cling wrapped to my body!

4. How many more times are we doing this? 4? 4 rounds of everything?!! What they heck did I sign up for?

5. Seriously again? Why doesn’t this shirt ever stay down!

6. I can feel everything jiggle! Wait, should that jiggle? Should that really be moving like that?

7. Oh my burning abs! Why did you tell me that this is the easy part…

8. Water! Water! Where’s that water bottle? Across the room? You mean more like across a desert! How am I supposed to get there and back in 15 seconds!

9. Can’t stop… I have to keep going… I’m a PT! Can’t let people beat me!

10. I’m so hungry! When can I eat after this? Oh, I have left over pizza in the fridge. I totally deserve pizza after this.

11. Another wedgie! Can I get it out without anyone noticing? Hmmm…. Nope, just going to do awkward jumping jacks and hope it helps.

12. Where did that weight go? I left it right here! Seriously, where do people put these weights when they change stations?

13. Can I actually lift that? I think I can… Oh too late now, timers started, just lift it! And instantly regretting it…

14. If I slow it down, I can do less reps… my arms are so tired! Chin ups then push ups is not fair!

15. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

What are the random thoughts you get during fitness classes?

Happy weekend!

P.S. Evolve 2016 is tomorrow here in Perth! Super excited/nervous! Misty gets her con debut!