I stepped on the scale for the first time in about 2 months this morning. Looking down, I read the number.

61.0 kg

(For those not completely versed in the metric system, which translates roughly to 134.5 lb.)

I’ve been roughly this weight (give or take a kilo) since high school. Some of that weight fluctuation is just daily fluctuation, depending on the time of day I weigh myself, how much I’ve ate/drank, when I’ve last gone to the toilet, and well, time of the month. Some of it is from how much I’ve exercised, how healthy I’ve been eating, and if I’ve had a late night out. But for the past 8 years, my weight hasn’t been any indicator of how my journey in the fitness world has been going.

Me at about 61kg… way back in 2012!

At 61 kg, I’ve felt beautiful and bloated, gorgeous and ginormous, fabulous and fat. I deal with terrible body confidence issues in which I question if I look the part of a personal trainer and I have days in which I strut the streets like I am a super model on a catwalk.

I’ve learned that there are better ways to measure fitness progress then just stepping on the scale. I can lift more, hold a plank longer, and know how to better manage my previous injuries when they act up again. I can write a workout that will both challenge me and that I’ll enjoy. I’ve learned that I can be mentally tough, even when the going gets tough. I’ve developed a fitness support network that keeps me accountable to work out to my full potential and not slack off just because I don’t feel like it. These are all things that can’t be measured simply by one number.

Growth and development shouldn’t be limited to just to one measure. So remember that next time that you are feeling down about your last weigh in. Because you and your fitness journey are more than just a number on a scale!

Happy Friday!