I’ve been to conventions before but this was my first time attending a strictly fitness related one. I was pretty excited to see everything that the Fitness & Health Expo Perth 2016 had to offer, as conventions are some of the best places to sample an industry without hours of online research. Plus, after spending the morning sitting at my desk job, being able to walk around for a few hours was a huge plus!

One thing that I think the Fitness & Health Expo is doing really right is free entry to health and fitness personal as long as you pre-register online before the event. Because you know you are pretty much bringing the candy store filled with goodies to people that go nuts over building stronger, healthier, fitter bodies and minds. So throwing us a few freebies just entices us more! After checking in at the front desk and getting my name tag, the convention floor was mine to explore. Bring on the six packs and giant bottles of powder!

There was actually quite a bit to see between all the booths, stages and competition areas. Not quite enough to warrant a two day trip unless you were going for a specific talk or competition, but enough to fill a solid day. I hadn’t seen anything on the program that I was particularly drawn to, so I just freestyled the afternoon. I hit up a few of the fitness institute booths first, as I am in the process of finding a few new courses to keep my PT skills sharp. As much as I appreciate all the information online, it was nice to actually talk face to face. And they had course syllabuses on hand, which was perfect! If I am dropping a couple hundred (or more!) on a course, I want to know exactly what I am getting in too! Very highly recommend for other PT’s to do so also.

There was plenty of booths selling fitness apparel and nutritional supplements, so very much a gym persons dream! I’ve never been into the protein powder myself (quite expensive I find, and not wanting to chance that money for something that could upset my IBS.) but I did appreciate the varied types and flavours available at the expo. If you were looking for something other then the typical vanilla or chocolate flavour, there was something for you! I did go ahead and splurge a little and pick myself up some Super Greens from the Prana booth. I am not a huge fan of green vegetables (see my picky eaters post) and used to take a similar supplement back in Canada after my mom found one at a health food store. The upside of the Prana Super Greens: It taste like mint! Green Powders aren’t known for their pleasant tastes, so I jumped on the chance to get my greens without having to do juice shots while holding my nose. Yay for progress!


The final bit of awesome and amazing I found at the Expo was a talk delivered by Jennifer Birkhead. This was such a highlight for me! Birkhead was captivating, relatable, and very enthusiastic delivering her talk about being “Vividly You”. All about becoming and being the best version of yourself in seven simple and straightforward, I could not help but be inspired by Birkhead and her methods. After a bit of a rough personal week, the positivity made me feel like I could get back on track and get more focused about my goals in life. It is one of the few talks that I have attended where the action items actually make sense to implement in my daily life. From using music to influence your mood, to showing people you care about a small action of love, Birkhead made going to the Expo totally worth it! If you are looking for your own slice of vividness, you can check out Vividly You’s Facebook Page here or website here.

The Expo was fun and informative and I was quite glad I went. The only real downside is how conventions are set up in the Perth Convention Center. I noticed it at Oz Comic Con, and again yesterday, the center get extremely loud with multiple stages and events going on at the same time. I ended up with one of the worst headaches I have ever had, so it would be worth getting out of the hall every hour or so, just to given your head a break.

What are your thoughts on expos? Is there any that I should look to attending?

Happy expo-ing!