Being on a budget means that my partner has gotten really good at finding a good game deal. (And I mean really good!) Recently, he re-found this 2015 game and invited me to give it a try. And I am quite glad I did! So here are my thoughts.

For those that don’t know anything about Fallout: Shelter, here it a quick low down. Based on the Fallout series, you get to become a Vault overseer to your very own vault! Starting from pretty much nothing, you get to design a vault with rooms such as power generator, water treatment, living quarters, diner, storage, and a bunch of other vault “necessities”. You then have Vault dwellers come to live in your vault, and you get to put them to work to make your vault survive. Similar to the other Fallout games, you earn caps for completing either daily quests, objectives, leveling up, etc, and search for better gear in the wasteland. This is all done in a kind of point and click way and in real time. Generating power, water and food all take a few minutes to create, exploring the wasteland can go on for hours, so be prepped and ready for that! While there is a few more things on mechanic, this is an overly simplified explanation.

My Thoughts:

Pro: Shelter is very simple to get the hang of. Within a couple minutes, I had a solid hang of it and was getting into it. There is no hand eye shooting (great for me!) and the dwellers just auto attack when you are under attack which is okay, mostly. The dwellers are easy to move around (click and drag), equip with weapons, and send them on adventures. While the game has a bit of a slow start, once you reach the daily quests and the 2 major quest lines it picks back up and become quite engaging.
It is a lot of fun to design your own vault, upgrade rooms, and gain experience. Like a giant puzzle with a plethora of possible answers, each vault can feel pretty unique and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to put my own spin on it. I also think that the mix between easy and hard objectives was fantastic, as some could be completed in minutes, while others took hours. So, for a quick game to pick up, I was pleasantly surprised.

Con: Be prepared to build a 2nd or 3rd vault to get your layout right. While this isn’t a big thing, it does mean restarting and feeling like you just wasted a couple hours of your life. Speaking of wasting hours, there is a huge lull in-between getting your 12th dweller and 14th dweller (the needed amount to unlock another room/more adventures). It’s worth walking away from your computer at this point, as it otherwise is very boring.

There are a few other small things, such as a large amount of chance in gaining bonus items from objectives early on. Some vaults I had fantastic luck and was able to survive comfortable through the first couple waves of attacks on my vault, other times I was in serious trouble and pretty much had to restart since I had lost too many people. Dwellers also have the most stubborn pattern of having to run the whole length of the room before changing locations, so transitions aren’t always as quick as you want. Finally, why can’t my pregnant ladies wear the awesome outfits! If I equip them, I want to see them! Come on!

Rating: 3.5/5

If you have a bit of time to kill, want a pretty basic game that isn’t serious at all, and enjoy being an overseer, this game is for you!
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Happy Gaming!