Everyday I take about an hour of “me time” to fit in my own workout. Some days it’s easy. Some days I have 4 circuit classes to teach, 3 loads of laundry to do, 2 dozen emails to read, and one needy dog that thinks exercise means playtime!

So I multitask! I’ve discovered Archer, my dog, loves being carried around piggyback style, so I get him to help me out with my squats. I get my workout in and Archer gets the attention he wants! (For reference, he weighs about 22 kgs. We are working on him sitting on my back for planks and push ups. It’s a work in progress!)

So review notes while jogging on a treadmill, meal prep while catching up with a friend, and squat with your dog’s assistance! Working out doesn’t have to mean that you can’t be productive in other ways!

Happy Training!