Happy Monday!

If you are looking to start your week off with a bang, this is the workout for you! It is super simple to remember, easy to execute, and quick to modify to your space. Whether you are at home, at the gym, in the park, or on a beach, this workout gets your arms and legs burning! I’ve run one of my clients here in Perth through three variations of this style of program and he loves it! So let’s get to it.

Equipment you will need: a mat/towel or a piece of floor to do floor exercises and two light to medium weights (depending on ability). If you don’t have two light weights (I don’t!) use either two soup can, filled 1-2L water bottles, or do like I did when I did these exercises at home and fill two empty wine bottles with water. (My partner got quite the laugh out of my gym “equipment.)

For the cardio portion of this workout, do whatever cardio suits the space and equipment you have. This can be running if you are outside in a park or beach, skipping or kettlebell swings if you are at a gym, or high knees/jumping jacks if you are at home and don’t have any equipment. Just makes sure it is long enough to get your heart rate up and you breathing a little heavier!

The Workout!
10 Tricep Push Ups (Keep elbows tight to the torso as you go down with the push up. Hands should be directly under the shoulders.)
Cardio (at least 20 seconds or 50 reps)
10 Moving Planks (Start on elbows, shoulders, hips and ankles all in a line. Keep hips as level as possible as you press up on to hands. Pause, the come back down to elbows.)
10 90 degree Shoulder Rotation (Hold 1 weight in each hand. Standing tall, have elbows level with shoulders and hands towards the sky, palms facing forward. Keeping elbows in the same position, rotate hands until palms face the ground. Pause, then return hands to starting position, again not letting elbows drop below shoulder height.)
10 Regular Push Ups (Hands slightly wider then shoulder width. Same points as above.)
10 Straight Arm Sit Ups (Back flat on the ground, knees at 90 degree, heels on the ground. Holding one weight in both hands, hand arms perpendicular to the floor and straight. Keeping arms straight, slowly peel back off the floor until fully upright. Pause, then return the floor with control.)
REST! (At least a minute. Get some water! Deep breaths!)
Repeat! (Complete 2 rounds for a beginner, 3-4 for intermediate, 5+ if advanced.)

How do you get your butt in gear on Mondays? Share in the comments below!

Happy Training!

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