One of my favourite daily activities is reading. Every night before bed, I grab my book or tablet and get through a few pages of a novel before drifting off to sleep. I find reading just relaxes me before bed, exactly what you want!

Occasionally though, I find an amazing page turner that I just can’t put down! Even as my eyes are half closing or it’s hours past my bedtime, I get drawn in by an authors tale of mystery, suspense, romance and adventure. I have to keep reading and know what happens to the protagonist, and well… there are always naps the next day.

Here are some of my favourite before bed read!

(I know tastes in reading material greatly vary, so I tried to choice a verity of styles in my suggestions.)

The Wrong Girl – C.J. Archer
• This is my current read. I am only half way done, but it is just a perfect before bed read. Part mystery with a dash of fantasy and magic set in England, The Wrong Girl sets an easy reading pace for a mystery. It was also free from the Google Play Store!

Zoo – James Patterson
• Animals around the world are acting strange, stranger than normal. And things are getting dangerous. Are these are just freak events or is there more to these lion attacks and cat gatherings then meets the eye? In classic James Patterson quick pace style, Zoo should make you think twice before writing off animal intelligence. (There is a TV series now based on the book, but read the book first!)

Child of the Ghosts – Jonathan Moeller
• “Nobody ever looks up.” A young girl joins an organization of spies and assassins after a terrible event happens to her family. Though she finds a place for herself, evil is never far away. While this series does get a bit repetitive, book #1 is an great read.

What’s a Ghoul to Do? (A Ghost Hunter Mystery) – Victoria Laurie
• Because who doesn’t love an easy reading mystery filled with ghosts? Book 1 in this (so far) 10 book series, I adore this style or writing and mystery novel. The protagonist is super quirky and fun, and the whole novel doesn’t seem to take itself super seriously. By far, the best beach or bed read of the bunch.

What books are currently on your reading list?

Happy reading!