This week we take our inspiration for the workout from Crossfit. I have personally never done Crossfit, I have known both friends and trainers that train in this style. Opinions vary greatly on Crossfit’s merits (who should be doing it, how it is taught, is it dangerous to train this way, who comes up with these crazy workouts, are the Crossfit Games winners really the fittest people on Earth?) but I will give them one things: the workouts are meant to test you. Workout of the Day (Common Known as WOD) vary each day and encompass a solid foundation of basic movements and lifts. (Check out these workouts here!) (I don’t recommend jumping into any of the lifting workouts without prior knowledge, the right equipment and a spotter.)

One workout I did find and slightly modified for today’s workout is called Angie. Angie is a straightforward WOD.

100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, done for time. (aka as fast as possible with proper technique.)

Simple, clean, nothing fancy. It also sets up a good workout to check your fitness with. Recording your time along with any modification (ex. push ups from knees) this week means that in 4-8 weeks you can repeat this workout (with the same modifications) and see if your fitness is improving by if your time is improving! I know this isn’t an official fitness test, but as many fitness test don’t exactly give you a great workout this is a decent alternative!

If you don’t have a pull up bar at home like me, here is a modified version of Angie that you can complete without one. And if 100 reps seems a bit daunting/unmanageable for your current fitness level, half the reps to 50 or even drop it to 25! Set yourself up for challenge but not unreachable. As long as you record exactly how many you did and how you did them, you’ll be able to compare results next time you do the workout!

Modified At Home Workout:

For time. Complete each exercise in it’s entirely before moving onto the next one.

100 Up Down Planks (bent elbow to lock out straight. Butt stays in line with shoulders and feet.)
100 Push Ups (From feet or knees, again keep butt in line with shoulders, bend elbows to 90 degree on down, fully straight on up.)
100 Sit Ups or Crunches (Feet shoulder width apart, knees bent to 90 degrees. Lead with chest on the way up.)
100 Squats (Feet Shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward or very slightly turned out. Chest stays up, hands go wherever for balance, bend knees to 90 degrees on each rep, knee staying behind 2nd/3rd toe.)

After completing, feel free to post your time below! How did it go for you? Is there any other types of workouts you would like to see me draw inspiration from?

Happy Fitness Testing Workout!