Hope your weekend went well! As a compliment to last weeks travel resistance workout, here is the cardio travel workout! As you should be resting in between strength days, here is a great workout to alternate with. Though if you are travelling, be mindful of how much other cardio you are doing daily. It is easy to walk a couple extra kilometers exploring a new city without thinking about it, making both your legs and feet soar when it comes to the end of the day. So adjust accordingly (less rounds after a particularly long day, or extra if you are stuck indoors due to weather).    

The Workout: Cardio Circuit 

45 second work / 15 second rest or at least 30-40 reps of each exercise. (Should be breathing hard by the end of one round.) Rest at least a minute between sets.

Do each exercise once and the whole set set 4x through before moving on. Should be about 45 minutes to complete the whole workout.

Set 1
1. Squat Jumps (Make sure to get as close to 90 degrees as possible in the squat. Jump doesn’t need to be high, just make sure feet leave the ground.)
2. Fast Feet (Similar to a ladder drill. Can be done as a high knee run, jumping over a line or anything that gets your feet moving. Or if you have a ladder, ladder drill!)
3. Dead Bugs (Back flat on the ground, arms and legs straight up. Alternating sides pressing feet towards the floor, with the opposite side arm also moving in the opposite direction. Reach hand towards other wall.)

Set 2
1. Shuffles w/weight (Whatever weight you are comfortable with. Hold weight overhead if possible, if not hold at waist height.)
2. Jumping Jacks (If you are keen, hold light weights in your hands while completing.)
3. Leg Lowers (Makes sure to press your back into the ground, lower feet as close to the ground without letting your back come off the ground. It may help to put hands underneath lower back or tailbone to remind you to keep a flat back. Steady pace, relax your head.)

Set 3
1. Burpees (With or without push up. As this a cardio workout, add the push ups if you feel you can keep your heart rate up while completing the whole movement.)
2. Mountain Climbers (Make sure to keep strong core throughout the movement, and keep breathing even.)
3. Plank jacks (Holding the plank position, keeping core strong and butt down, hop feet out [wider then a mat if you are on one] and back to starting position. Hold a standard plank if getting tired in between reps.)

Happy Sweating!