There are tons of articles out there on the internet and in fitness magazines on how to work out on the cheap. Much of that advice comes in the form of either working out at home, following YouTube tutorials, or going to the park for a run. In general, these are all great tips! But if you are like me, as much as I enjoy all my solo workouts, being able to get to a class and have an instructor there in real life can be hugely beneficial. Having someone right there helping you move into proper positioning, or give you motivation that isn’t pre-recorded (hello 6th time I’ve done the same Blogilates workout video!) can make a big difference in pushing yourself to the next level and help you get the most out of each session. But what happens when you are strapped for cash and/or can’t afford classes on the regular? Free fitness classes is to the rescue!

As I am living in Perth, this is where I based all my research around finding free fitness classes. I’ve tried to keep these tips as broad as possible, so hopefully you can then apply it to your hometown. Let’s get started!

Tip 1: Research all the fitness locations within an area that you are willing to travel too.

Use Google maps to locate gyms, spas, studios, recreation centers, community centers and parks in an area that you would be willing to travel too. No use finding a free class that is an hour and a half away if you aren’t willing to drive there! Make sure to look up not just gyms, as some training groups rent spaces at churches or community halls. The more places you find, the greater chance of a free class that fits your schedule. Also pay attention while walking/driving around your community. Smaller Personal Trainers or Outdoor fitness groups may not always show up online.

Tip 2: Look for free trail pass on gym/studio websites.

Bit of an obvious one. Many gyms will offer trials that can range for 1 day up to 2 weeks on average. Check to see if these involve the classes the offer and not just access to the space. (Some gyms classes are extra.) Goodlife offers a 5 day trail with full access to all their classes, so something like that is great if you have a week break and know you can go to at least 3 of the days.

Tip 3: Pop into your local lululemon and see what community events are on offer!

Lululemon has a strong community initiative and many stores will offer free community events. While some are posted online (use the store finder feature), not all stores are 100% up to date on the online calendar. Simply pop into the store next time you are shopping and ask! Some lululemon store have personalized Facebook pages specific to a store or region, and I have found these to be more up to date then their official lululemon store page. And it’s not just yoga either on offer!

Tip 4: Look for events being offered through your city’s or community’s website.

The city of Perth has a pretty good page showcasing all types of events going on in the CBD. With a little bit of searching, you can narrow it done to just fitness related events. While not all are free, there is often at least a couple free class. Current range is many focused on fitting in your 30 minutes of active time during your lunch break, but I have seen both morning and evening classes before.

Tip 5: Ask any of your friends in the fitness industry about classes or bring a friend days.
While most offers are advertised, it doesn’t hurt to ask someone in the industry. Some business cards are designed to double as a free pass to a class, which is a great thing for you. Also, PT’s can let you know about upcoming “bring a friend days” which mean that you and a buddy could train on the cheap. Just make sure to repay your friend with a coffee or (even better) a referral of someone else.

What is your favourite way to workout? Or is there another fitness area that you want tips on? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Free Classes!