Happy Sunday!

I am putting this post up a little early as I am off to yoga tonight. One of my friends is starting a Sunday night Vinyasa class and I am super excited to get my yoga back on! Some days I feel I get trapped into the same exercises, so it is always nice to take a break from the norm and be put outside of my comfort zone. Fingers crossed I don’t need to spend half the class in childs pose!

Onto this weeks workout!

A couple I know is heading off on a camping vacation next week and really want to keep up with their training while enjoying some much needed time away. Naturally, as I am all for keeping up your training no matter where you go and know how much of a struggle it is without a plan, I offered to create a workout for them. Since they are camping, they have a little space to bring with them some basic equipment with them (exercise mat, resistance bands, and small weights) so that is what I based this workout around. So this is a great workout for vacations that you have access to a gym or have some extra space in your suitcase.

The Workout: Resistance Workout 

35 second work / 25 second rest or 12-15 reps each exercise, resting in-between each exercise.
Do each exercise 2x before moving on, and the full set 2x through. Do each set once.

The whole workout should take about 45 minutes if using the timing method and if you add in your own warm up.

Set 1
1. Goblet Squat (Make sure butt goes back, knees don’t go over toes, chest up.)
2. Front Raise (Keep shoulders down, raise arms in front, palms facing down. Pause at the top, then return to starting position.
3. Glut Bridge (Lying on your back, knees bent to 90 degrees. Contract your gluts before lifting your hips. Lift hips until your knees, hips and shoulders are in a straight line. With control come back to starting position.)

Set 2
1. Reverse Lunge w/twist (Twist over front knee.)
2. Upright Row (With weight or band.)
3. Woodchoppers (Bend knees to a mini squat, drive from opposite hip to over your shoulder.)

Set 3
1. Squat Hold (Hold as close to 90 degrees, for as close to 35 seconds as possible. Chest up.)
2. Push Ups (From feet or knees.)
3. Russian Twists (Make sure to twist through obliques/core.)

What type of training do you like to do while on vacation?

Happy Training!