Happy Canada Day! While I am not celebrating with poutine, a Canadian (the beer), or a Nanaimo bar, I am celebrating wearing my very Canadian gear that my parents decided to send me last year before Canada day. Pretty sure this is the only time my parents have bought anything emblazoned with that many maple leafs on it, but it does seem like something appropriately touristy to wear while in Australia on Canada Day. Now if only there were fireworks tonight…

In honour of one of my favourite holidays (because any holiday that there is a high chance of maple syrup involved is a good holiday!) here is a list of some of my current fit and nerd favourites!

Favourite exercise: Good Mornings
• Very similar movement to a deadlift (so great exercise to glutes, hamstrings and quads), good mornings can actually make for a good morning! It is great for strengthening the big leg muscles and you don’t have access to large weights or barbells. I prefer doing these with a kettlebell held on my upper back, but a barbell can be substituted in if you have it.

Favourite second breakfast: Oatmeal with Strawberry jam
• Second breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! Especially during winter when I want something hot, quick and filling after I come home from morning PT sessions, oatmeal is my go too. The jam gives me that little bit of flavouring while I wait for real strawberries to go on sale! (Berries are super expensive in Perth!)

Favourite Upcoming Nerd Event: Twitch Cosplay contest
• A totally new way to do a cosplay contest! Not only is the final cosplay being judged, but creators need to stream at least 15 hours of creation time on Twitch to be eligible to become a finalist. Further one of the judges is cosplayer extraordinaire, Yaya Han! Full details at this link. Super excited for all the awesome creations!

Favourite Piece of Fitness Equipment: Massage Ball
• My shoulders and legs hurt so good when I massage them out! Great for getting rid of knots in muscles or to add in during mobility work, a massage ball is a staple to anyone who wants to get the most out of their workouts.

Favourite Twitter Account: Cat Cosplay
• One of the best “put a smile on your face” Twitter accounts I have found! Covering the usual suspects, Cat Cosplay just takes dressing up your pet to a whole new level. Go look at awesome cat photos here!

Favourite Emergency Cosplay Supply Store: Bunnings
• While I was finishing up my Misty cosplay, I realized I had forgot to grab black paint while I was at Spotlight! (Spotlight is the go to large scale craft store here in Perth/Australia.) Unfortunately Spotlight is a bit of a drive for me to get to, but fortunately Bunnings is not! For a hardware store, it has a surprisingly large amount of craft paint, carrying two different lines of paint incorporating all the basic colours (red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, etc) plus a few extra! (Think gold, silver, magenta, and I am pretty sure I saw at least 3 shades of yellow!) Insert huge sigh of relief here.

What are some of your favourites this week?
Happy Canada Day!