I’ve talked quite a bit about training with kettlebells lately. Whether it’s talking about the stress of training or posting a KB workout, it’s become quite a large part of my life. I am now training 3 days a week with my coach, plus doing my own training and mobility work at home. So what is all this training actually look like all together?

This is where my new video comes in!

Original made to show my coach and for me to analyse my own form, I thought it would be a good way to actually show what all my training is going toward. In the video, I am snatching a 8kg kettlebell. I don’t quite make competition length (10 minutes), but considering this is the first time that I have gone for as long as I can with a 8kg and without my coach watching, I am mostly happy with the results. Still have a bunch of work to go (relax during the workout, get the lower body more involved, breath!) but progressing along nicely.

Hopefully I can post a video soon of 10 minutes of snatching!

What are your fitness or workout goals?

Happy Training!