As I mentioned in previous posts, I am to get more cardio days in between Kettlebell training sessions to work on my endurance and overall fitness. But I am not the biggest fan of running, so I’ve been on the lookout for other options to avoid having to go for a jog. Thankfully after running into a friend at the mall yesterday, she invited me to join her at spin class today! I have never done spin before (which now seems crazy as I love hopping on the stationary bike while I am at a gym), so this seemed to be the perfect time to try! What is better then trying something new with a friend? 

After dropping my partner off at work and taking my dog for a quick morning walk, it was off to spin class at Goodlife Cottesloe for me! Thankfully both parking and the gym itself aren’t hard to find, though I was glad my friend told me to get there early to sign up for the class. Spots go quickly and it is a first come, first pick of bikes system. It seemed that a majority of the class were regulars, which can be a bit intimidating, but the instructor Kelly was really kind and helpful by giving me a few quick tips to set up my bike to get the most out of the class. And before I knew it the lights dimmed, the blacklights came on (yes, there were black lights!), the music started pumping, and we were off!

The class was 8 songs long, broken into different sections of standing, sitting, sprints, high resistant slogs, and (thankfully!) resting slow cycle periods. Unfortunately, Goodlife Cottesloe doesn’t have the greatest speaker system and the instructors voice did get drowned out by the music and fans at some points. While I think I followed along well enough, not know “spin lingo” made the class a little difficult to follow at first. (Because “work” and “climb” pace are not the same apparently!) If this happens to anyone else when you do spin, just follow whether you are standing or sitting at the same time as others. Then you at least look uniformed with everyone! By the 7th song, I was getting the hang of the rhythm of the class and finally was able to pay more attention to the beats of the music and not just when to go up or down.

Overall, my first spin class was fun! While I don’t feel I got as good as a workout as I was expecting due to a few factors (I don’t think I set up the bike quite right, hard to follow at the start, not getting the resistance up quite where I should have, etc.), I definitely would be looking to try another spin class in the future. Maybe just in another studio with a better speaker system.

Fun fact of the day: The lady next to me in class was wearing the same Target tank top as me! A quick gush over how awesome they are while being very affordable then happened! ($10, and it was perfect for spin class.)

Have you tried spin before? If so, where do you like to go?

Happy Spinning!