My schedule has been all over the place lately. I have been getting more into my own training (shoulder strength and cardio on top of kettlebell training), had some job stuff going on, plus we had a visitor this week! Aka. My partner’s brother was here in Oz with us for a few days and I get to sort of play tour guide Barbie. In reality, my partner’s brother was like the easiest house guest ever and I felt like an Italian grandma continual asking if he needed food, juice, or a ride anywhere. Needless to say, it’s was a fun week.

One of the things that we did get up to is playing Civilization. While I was skeptical at first (aka glitches in the tutorial when I tried to learn), Civ turned out to be quite the enjoyment for rainy/blah winter evenings. For those that aren’t familiar with Sid Meier’s Civilization, it is pretty much Risk on steroids with a dash of Roller Coaster Tycoon. You build a city, start an empire, and then either civilly or forcefully try and rule the world. (Overly simplified, but you get the just!) It is also a game that all three of us could play together, which is great for a household that doesn’t own board games.

But I think one of the greatest things that I have learned about Civ is it a great game… to play while doing something else. With its turn based set up and slow starts (lots and lots of building to kick things off), it is the perfect game to play while catching up that recorded Friends season, eating dinner, or baking cookies. There is plenty of time to hang up a few items of laundry before your mates are yelling at you to do your turn or they will send your warriors into battle against the barbarians. And just like Risk, it will take hours for anything real good to happen, so having those cookies handy mid game is a great idea. Because who wouldn’t like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies while gaming?

I will confess that I have never played Civ solo, as I prefer something a little more fast pace right off the bat, but it does have one big bonus if you do play solo. Tons of time to read all the real life history behind all the civilizations, buildings, and features that create the basis of the game! For anyone who loves history, or those that like to have a few new facts thrown at them to share, Civilization is a must. Plus, it is way more fun to be building the Terra Cotta Army or Machu Pichu and reading about it, then just looking at pictures. Educational and fun!

Civilization can be found on Steam, and if you are patient, it does go on sale ever once in a while.

Happy Gaming!