I love winter. Winter means cozy sweaters, mugs filled with hot chocolate, ice skating on a frozen pond, looking out your window to see a fresh dump of snow, and dressing in lots and lots of layers. It’s a chance to show off your snow bunny style and have your Facebook feed filled with photos of ski trips and days spent on the mountain. It’s when University campuses are filled with Uggs, skinny jeans, and knitted sweaters.

Except I live in Australia now.

I think the lack of snow is making me winter delusional/snow obsessed. I keep looking outside wishing for snow and all I am getting is rain. Winter in Perth is very different than winter back in Canada. I may be needing a rain jacket over a parka, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a winter wardrobe! The temperature does drop down and when coupled with concrete based floors, I need cozy things.

Coming into my second winter down in Australia, I’ve learned a few things about winter dressing. Besides invest in a really good rain coat, I have found pieces that work double duty for both my gaming/blogging days and I am able to train in. Good news for both my budget and my small closet space! A piece that is multi-functional is always a great investment. So let’s get all cozy and bundled up for winter!

Starting from the bottom (and now we’re here!), a good pair of sock! With concrete based floors, my flat isn’t exactly warm on the toes. I often get cold feet while writing blog posts, so I am so grateful I have a few perfect cool day options. For just in and around the house, a good pair of fleece socks is a must. Polar Fleece makes some amazing funky pairs with crazy patterns I love! (The cow print socks I am wearing in the header photo are Polar Fleece.) Great for in the house, but with their flat seams, they can bunch up around the toes and mid-footin boots or shoes. When needing for outdoor training, Smart Wool is my choice. Not only are they warm for cool morning training sessions, they also wick your sweat away, keeping your feet dry.

Moving up to the legs, investing in a solid pair of full length leggings is a good idea. Super flexible, leggings are great for curling up on the couch or swinging kettlebells outside. I would recommend a mid-weight or just a solid long legging without tons of meshy fabric parts for fall/winter that way there isn’t awkward drafts on your legs while resting between sets or when you are curled up reading on your tablet. I own a pair from Forever 21 that is a polyester/spandex mix does the trick, (the ones in the header photo) but I am looking into a second pair as I am training multiple times a week. (And isn’t as crazy of a pattern.) Now if Lululemon and Lorna Jane would only make more full length options and not so many 7/8th.

When it comes to tops, there are three things I recommend. 1) A light breathable long sleeve, 2) a fitted hoodie/jumper, and 3) anything with thumb holes! Long sleeves are a must in Australia, as the mornings are cool, but if you go out in the middle of the day and it’s sunny suddenly it’s tank top weather! A long sleeve gives you that warmth without all the bulk of a hoodie, and usually a greater range of mobility. I layer my sleeves over a tank top whenever I go out for midday walks with my dog, since I never know when he’s going to want to be chased around and suddenly I’m breaking a sweat. I like both lululemon or Under Armour as light but cozy options.

A fitted hoodie/jumper is an absolute must, where you live! While I do love a boxier/relaxed fit for just lounging around some days, a fitted hoodie just makes more sense when exercising or layering to go out. There is no extra fabric that gets in the way of deadlifts and I feel I stay warmer in a slimmer cut while blogging since I don’t have awkward fabric folds that suddenly expose my lower back while sitting down. I am still rocking my Wolf Print Varsity Hoodie from Garage back in Canada, but why mess with a good thing? Shop around a bit to find a brand that fit you personally (aka long torso, tiny arms, super broad shoulders with a ting waist, etc.) as not all hoodies/jumpers are created equally. And Aussie brands sometimes confuse me still.

Lastly, anything with thumb holes! They are like mini mitts built right into your clothing without being weird. As I person who gets cold hands all the time (this can be verified by my partner, any client I have made corrections too, or anyone who shakes my hand), these make life a little bit nicer. Also, they keep your sleeves down during cardio sessions and during intense games of Candy Crush (it’s a gateway game, I swear! Plus kind of addicting…) Whether they are in long sleeve shirts, hoodies, or jackets, thumb holes are a bonus that make winter clothing that much better. Nike makes amazingly comfy hoodies with thumb holes, and worth checking out.

Maybe I am just a person who really likes to be all bundled up, but there is nothing wrong with finding layering pieces that do double duty. All brands I mentions are just personal recommendations of what I have found that works for me, but shop around to find those that fit you! It’s not worth spending money or time on an item that doesn’t fit and you don’t love. You do you, and wear your winter wardrobe well!

Happy Winter!