Big news: I’m training with a purpose now! Long story short: I was put in touch with an amazing coach who is teaching me Girevoy Sports, also known as kettlebell sport. This is really my first time seriously working with kettlebells and I am excited to be learning new fitness skills. I am only on week 2 of my training, but it feels like it is going well and that I am getting better. Well, it feels less awkward and I count that as a win! Hopefully by the end of 4 months and my first competition in August in kettlebell snatches, I am able to put on a strong showing and be proficient in this new sport.

My coach has been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Girevoy Sport. While I work with her on proper technique , full warm ups (so much shoulder stuff!) and strength training, I am left to do GPP (General Physical Preparedness) on my own outside of our sessions. One of the big things that I personally need to work on is my cardio vascular fitness. Back in university, I was in decent shape but since travelling Asia I have lost a lot of my cardio. Now back with a coach and with a definite goal in mind, I need to get back into it.


As I am expected to do cardio 5-6x/week for 20-30 mins at a medium pace, it can sound like a lot. I already do 1 cardio class on Friday’s and can add in other classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, which means I am off to a good start. But what about the rest of the week?

As I love variety, I went about compiling a list of other cardio activities that can fill the other 2-3 cardio sessions that I need to do a week. And here it is! So if you are ever stuck on an idea for your cardio day or want to change it up, have a look and find something new!

In no particular order (plus a few side notes), here are 25 ideas for cardio days:

1. Running/Jogging (Because why mess with the most thought of cardio activity?)
2. Walking (For the low impact cardio days.)
3. Biking (Stationary or Outdoors)
4. Plyometrics (For people with better knees then me.)
5. Skipping/Jump Rope (aka you can either feel like a kid again or pretend you are in a boxing movie.)
6. Rowing (I have met so many people who hate on rowing. But I love it! I don’t get it.)
7. Swimming
8. Boxing
9. Dancing (crank that music up!)
10. Sprints (RUN FASTER! But for short distance.)
11. Incline jog/sprint (Hills are a girls best training friend!)
12. Stairs (If you can find a crazy large set outside, run them!)
13. Kettlebell swings (One of my favourites to add into a circuit.)
14. Battle Ropes (Great for arms too. Plus it can give your legs a bit of a break.)
15. Sled Work
16. Small Box Jumps (Where you go for reps, not max height.)
17. Elliptical
18. Aerobic classes/tapes (Because who doesn’t love sweat bands and pulling out the VCR!)
19. Cross Country Skiing (if it’s winter and there is snow.)
20. Inline Skating (look for smooth paths with little debris.)
21. Ice Skating
22. Kick boxing
23. Hiking
24. Ladder Work (fast feet! I love, love, love ladder work!)
25. Water Aerobics (Great low impact exercise. And total not just for the older generation.)

What do you do for cardio?

Happy Training!