I haven’t done a Friday Favourites in quite a long time. Not that I don’t find awesome things all week! It’s just there are only so many awesome things that I find/love that actually fit into this scope of the blog. I also try and balance a favourites list out, because not all of you love all things nerdy, and not all of you love all things fitness. (And I’ve been trying not to be fitness obsessed lately.)

In this list I have included both new things I found and a few old standards that I have learned to re-appreciate this week. So let us get into it!

Favourite exercise: Fit ball Pass Throughs
These are basically a straight leg jack knife, with the addition of a Fit ball. The “fun” bit comes with passing the fit ball from between your hands to between your feet, and then back and forth for every rep thereafter. A great exercise to also work on coordination, which at 6am isn’t everyone’s strong suit!

Favourite Treat: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
A fun spin on regular chocolate chip cookies. My recipe is exactly healthy (read: I use brown and raw sugar in the recipe) but they are tasty and good for getting your chocolate fix. Just be careful to not add to much cocoa powder and turn them into cookie-brownie! Whoops!

Favourite Active Wear: My Keen Sandals
I bought these literally hours before hoping on a plane to Asia almost a year and 8 months ago, and I am so glad I did. They are sturdy, very comfortable, cover your toes (rare for sandals), and are lightweight. They are great for trips to and from the beach (better to drive in then flip flops), and are easy to slip on and off. One downside: they are not puppy proof. (Mine chewed through the elastic toggles one night pretty easily.) http://www.keenfootwear.com.au/Product/Women/Waterfront/Whisper–Neutral-Grey–Lagoon

Favourite Older YouTube Video: Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life by devinsupertramp
A video from 2014, I still think this is one of the greatest video games reimagined in real life. Not only are the stunts fantastic and the costumes on point, it actually does feel like part of the game! They crouch climb on walls, they jump from roof top to roof top, they fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Worth watching if you are a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series.

Favourite Workout Mix: Best Mashup Party Dance Mix 2016 Vol. 2 by EDM Adam
A good workout mix is hard to find. Music taste is very subjective, but if you like a mix of both current top 40 and older rock songs, this is a great cardio mix. It also is just over an hour long, which means less fiddling with your playlists, because no one likes fiddling during a run!

What were your favourites this week?

Happy Weekend!