It’s been gray and rainy here in Perth, which means dispirit my best laid plans, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. So instead of long days of dog walks on the beach, I have a cuddle pup while I catch up on TV shows and watch YouTube videos. That being said, at least there is quite a large amount of good content on YouTube nowadays!

I love finding a YouTube channel that has good content, though often it takes a bit of searching to find. I have found a few gems though within my nerdy spectrum, so it is taking the edge of these blah days. So I present to you my current five choices of YouTube channels filled with nerdiness! Each of these channels are a different type of nerdy and do produce a wider range of content, so keep that in mind when you search for them.

Without further ado, my 5 Nerdy YouTube Channels for rainy days!

1. Tested
This is Adam Savage from Myth Busters YouTube channel, so it is a great fix when reruns of old episodes of Myth Busters won’t do. I have really only watched Adam’s Incognito cosplay walk abouts at Comic Con, but they really make me smile. Plus the cosplays themselves are pretty impressive! A range of videos very similar to Myth Busters also, I am excited to start watching the appropriately named playlist, Coffee!, all about coffee making.

2. VSauce3
Have you ever wondered if you could survive the fallout from the Fallout games or what Pokemon would actually kill you if they were real? Full of science and nerdy goodness, VSauce3 is a great blend that keeps you entertained and informed. Plus it gives you great tidbits for parties!

3. Whitney Avalon
Who wins in a rap battle between Katniss verse Hermione? Snow White verse Elsa? Whitney Avalon puts it to the test! With witty lyrics, great nods to the source material, and sweet costumes, these rap battles are fun and entertaining. Fingers crossed for more great characters!

4. Rosanne Pansino
If Rosanne’s series “Nerdy Nummies” doesn’t make you want to get into the kitchen, I don’t think you are a foodie. With treats and items inspired by books, video games, anime, and TV series (basically anything you could reference at Comic Con) there is bound to be something for everyone. With a majority of the items being fairly straightforward and simple, Rosanne keeps the instruction easy to follow. Just need a bit of patience for presentation!

5. Alexa Poletti
An insanely talented and hardworking beauty vlogger, Alexa creates amazing character and kawaii make-ups. Her tutorials are easy to follow (great for someone with limited skills like me!) and her skills are fantastic! She has created looks based on Batman, Stormtroppers, Posion Ivy, Bowser and a whole slew of other characters. She also caps each look with some fun cosplays , which just brings the whole look together. Definitely worth checking out before your next con!

All these channels put out regular content and also have a ton of videos already, so you’ll be more then set for a rainy day! (Or at least set until that shower passes by.) I also love checking out new channels, so if you have another great YouTuber, let me know in the comments below!

Happy watching!