While my experience as volunteering as “tribute” may not be as crazy or as serious as Katniss’s in The Hunger Games (thank you every day non-dystopian society!) it can still produce the “What did I get myself into?” moment. The prep, being shepparded and paraded around in fancy dress, people constantly talking about you right in front of you. All the fuss over a snap decision you made! It can be life changing!

Okay, maybe not quite life changing…

Unlike The Hunger Games, I was not competing in an arena trying to survive. But it did feel like I was in the Capitol with all the outlandish fashion around.
Because I am a hair model.

Over the past year, I have been chosen to be a hair model on three separate occasion. It all started with a need for a cheap haircut. We had just arrived in Australia after six months backpacking in Asia and I was in desperate need for clean-up. After a quick search on Gumtree and a few emails, I was sitting in a salon chair being asked if I was okay with a colour change. And it has snowballed from there.

Being a hair model is a lot like hanging out in the Capital. The hair is bright, colourful, well thought out, heavily crafted, and coiffed to create a reaction. The preparation often takes hours (I’ve sat through 5 hours of prep in one day) to get the hair just right. There are teams working to prepare the models hair, make-up and outfits before the presentations. And in the end, most of us models end up looking like we could have been extra during Katniss’s interview in the Capital.

Hair modelling is a great opportunity for anyone brave enough to go for a change without having full control. You get to meet some extraordinary stylists and hair technicians, get to see amazing hair trends, work with people just as creative as the costume designers for The Hunger Games, and don’t have to deal with President Snow! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a change and want to feel like Katniss on stage, even if it just for a few moments. (Plus, you can call yourself a model!)

Besides, it’s just hair!

Happy Modelling!