A few months ago, I wrote the post “10 Things I’ve Learned as a Personal Trainer”. (You can read it here.) It has since been one of my most read posts to date, so I thought to give it a follow up! Personal Trainer has allowed me to grow so much and even in these past couple months I have continued to develop both professionally and personally. I love being in a career path that is dynamic and fluid, as no two days or even workouts are the same. Plus, it gives me some great anecdotes for this blog!

So here are “10 MORE Things I’ve Learned as a Personal Trainer”:

1. Examples to describe an exercise can really be lost in translation. Examples I used in Canada don’t always translate well here in Australia (shoveling snow, chopping down trees, ice skating, and snow angels are among the few explanation fails.)

2. It’s important to get to know many aspects of the fitness industry (NETWORK! Hence my Try It: Fitness series.). It makes you a better PT, as you then have a more global perspective, rather than pigeon holing yourself. Also, it can lead to quite a few benefits (referrals, discounts, and a better exercise base.)

3. Crawling and squatting are some of the hardest movements to re-learn. As a toddler, we have great mechanics for movement. As we grow, unless we keep up with all these movements, we lose them. Then as adults, we have to re-learn these patterns. So keep up crawling on the floor! (Or at least squatting properly!)

4. Use light weights when demoing an exercise. That way you can actually talk and explain what you are doing with correct form. (I’ve flubbed a few explanation when I’ve grabbed my normal weights for front squats or deadlifts.)

5. Scheduling your own workouts as a PT can be tough, especially if you like taking classes. Some days I really wish I could find a yoga studio that doesn’t schedule all their classes at the same time as my gym! (12pm is a lovely time of the day for a class!)

6. Always set a second alarm when teaching AM classes. Because you will hit snooze or sleep through your alarm at least once in your teaching career. Hopefully it’s not the same day as your co-teacher.

7. People will mention they are injured at the worst time. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell your PT or fitness instructor if you are injured, even if it’s a small injury. Without knowing, we may put you at a higher risk of re-injury or a new injury. Ideally, pull us aside before class starts or your session begins, let us know, and will be able to modify the workout to best suit your current state.

8. Everyone should squat test pants, tights, and leggings before coming to the gym. Not all of them are as opaque as you think.

9. It can be kind of strange seeing clients in street clothes and outside of the gym. Something in my brain just can’t believe you own more than your three workout outfits. Please forgive me if it takes me a minute or so to place where I know you from!

10. It takes a bit of convincing, but your co-workers can come around to the idea that country music makes good workout music. (Thank you Florida Georgia Line!)

Hope you enjoy this list as much as you did the first one!

Happy Training!