Do you have too many friends on your Facebook page? Having to deal with consent invitations to parties and events? Have more acquaintances then Storm Troopers in Episode 4?
I have your solution! Here is the Fit and Nerd Guide How to Avoid Making Friends! You wont need to worry about pesky guild invites, DM’s on Instagram or daily bumps into friendly co-workers after reading this guide.

How to Avoid Making Friends:

-Avoid games such as Heroes of the Storm or World of Warcraft. Any game really that fosters social interaction really. You may accidentally make a comment that someone may find interesting/funny/pleasant and thus strike up a conversation with you. Conversation may lead connection being made, and friends being made. Solo games only!

-Avoid “liking” or commenting on social media posts. This may peak interest if account holders, alert them to your presence, and lead to reciprocal “liking”. This may lead to social media connection, which could lead to friendship. Social media is the danger zone.

– Avoid jobs with personal contact. (Really anything you could potentially talk to people.) These jobs involve taking an interest in people (superficially or in-depth) and has the potential to create bonds. Find a job where you don’t need to talk to people directly (or at all!).

-Wear outfits that blend you into your surroundings to avoid drawing interest to yourself (but not actual camouflage). Shorts and tees for the gym, jeans and a hoodie grocery shopping, Batman shirt at comic con… well maybe the Batman shirt at comic con due to Superman v Batman movie… Better stay at home and shop online.

Solution to this all: Become a hermit that lives on top of a mountain. No people, no need to avoid them!

On second thought, people might mistake you for a wisdom guru and seek you out on your mountain. Guess you are stuck meeting people and potentially making friends!

On a serious note, making friends can be hard. It’s been a rough, sometime lonely, yet amazing year living in Australia. All the above are ways that I have met people and tried to meet people while living in Perth. I am thankful to everyone who I’ve met during my time abroad, who have made Australia a great adventure and who have become my friends!

My dog, Archer, is a great help meeting people at the dog park and beach!

Happy Friendships!