Clark Kent was my last minute outfit for Oz Comic Con Perth last Sunday. I really love getting into cosplay for a con, so I was really happy this all worked out. Clark Kent is very simple, looks good, and easy to move around a con (especially a crowded one). You can also find most of it in your own closet! It also is recognized by quite a few people, which is one of the best parts about the convention floor, especially when Deadpool said he liked my TV show. Be warned though, because of the new Supergirl TV series, as a female crossplaying Clark Kent, some people will just assume you are Kara Danvers. Just role with it, or point out the tie!

What you will need:
Superman or Supergirl shirt (tank or t-shirt, in the traditional colours red, yellow, black and blue.)
Button up Dress Shirt (Office appropriate. White is traditionally Clark Kent’s colour of choice.)
Dress Pants or Office Appropriate Skirt (Dark Colours)
Comfortable shoes for walking around at Con.
Tie (for Clark Kent, Kara not so much)
Dark Rimmed Glasses
Optional: Suit Jacket

Put Together:
Layer the Superman T-shirt under the button up, and tuck in pants. Add accessories, hair and make-up and you are good to go!

A few quick tips:
-Superman shirts are pretty easy to find if you know where to look. Jay Jay’s is your best bet in Perth, though Target or Kmart occasionally do carry superhero themed apparel. Back in Canada, Wal-Mart or speciality store such as Alchemy Apparel in Calgary are your best bets.
-If you don’t own a pair of glasses that you can use (I lucked out and own a pair of black horn rimmed glasses), either look for a pair at cheap accessory store or pop the lenses out of a pair of 3-D glasses.
-Play around with how many buttons are don/undone and tie done/undone to create the look you want. I would recommend practicing the iconic “pulling open the shirt to reveal the suit” pose to get it just right.

Strike a pose! 

-Wear comfortable shoes! A long day at con is made better when your feet don’t hurt!
-Hair is up to you, but I went with slicked back, office professional. So a simple bun and a little bit of hair glue to keep the fly aways from happen and you are set!
-Make-up again is up to you, but again think polished. I went for a classic red lip and simple winged eyeliner for my Clark Kent. In the Supergirl TV show, Kara is fresh faced and simple so nothing elaborate needed. Go with products you already have in your make-up kit and play around!

I loved this simple Clark Kent and I hope you too! Let me know if you end up cosplaying Clark or Kara in the comments below.

Happy Cosplaying!