The last 24 hours have been a bit hectic, but full of nerdy goodness! And it pretty much sums up this blog perfectly!

Started out with a day of work on Wednesday. Ruining a newish class in the morning at my gym, I am pretty sure everyone is getting sick of burpees. (I don’t design the workouts, I just run them I swear!) I love new classes because I get to see a variety of new exercises, but I also love them when I get feedback from clients. Telling your trainer what you liked or disliked in a workout is really valuable to us. We can then better tailor the workout to our clientele, thus making a more enjoyable workout for you! (Though you might not fully get rid of those burpees… you might just see them less frequently.) So speak up when your trainer introduces something different!

Wednesday night was baking night! I haven’t actually gotten around to making something in the kitchen for a while, so it felt good to whip out the mixing bowl and flour and get to work. I decided on maybe not the healthy thing… chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. But there is a silver lining to this! As part of my working towards a healthier diet, I decided that if I want cookies/cakes/cupcakes/baked goods I would have to make them myself. Not only in the long run does this save me money, it also lets me control what exactly is going into my treats (aka a lot less sugar!) and the proportions. Plus home baked goods just taste better!

So I whipped up a dozen chocolate cupcakes, and managed to get them iced before my partner and his friends arrived home after school and work. Because it was superhero time! We had all bought tickets to the midnight premiere of Superman V Batman, and I was pretty excited! I am pretty sure this may have been the only midnight premiere I have gone to, so it was worth losing a little bit of sleep over. Further, between my partner and I, we had the three main superheros represented. (He wore his Superman shirt, I wore my Batman shirt and Wonder Women shorts. Yep, dressed up for the premiere!) Without spoiling the movie, it was pretty good. Ben Affleck didn’t ruin Batman like he did Daredevil, Wonder Women was a pretty badass warrior (though had a strange accent it seemed), and Superman and Lois Lane were a cute couple. The movie did feel a little confusing at point (the first third when they throw dream sequences at you), and sometime felt a little too prequelly (they are obviously setting up other movies like Justice League: Part One (2017), Aquaman (2018) and Wonder Woman (2017)) but overall a decent action flick.

After a quick post movie nap, it was back to teaching classes then off to my CPR course. To keep current with my personal training certification, I need to re-certify my CPR skills every year (and first aide skills every three). While this can seem like a boring way to spend an afternoon, I do strongly believe in being prepare. I once heard a stat that you are more likely to preform CPR on someone you know then a stranger. While I am not sure to the validity of this stat, I would rather know the skills and not have to use them then to be completely unprepared if a family member or friend needs me. I have taken my courses through St. John Ambulance (both in Canada and Australia) and they do a great job at teaching all the basics. So, to sound preachy for a moment, please consider taking a first aide or CPR course if you haven’t already. They teach great life skills, provide you with tons of resources, and I think life saving is pretty sexy. It’s a win-win-win! You can check out course at: (for Australia).

Other then my crazy day, I haven’t been posting due to trying to work on some videos for Fit and Nerd! It is save to say that I am a slow video editor and that Windows Movie Maker is currently throwing a silent hissy fit (aka I don’t get sound). I am hoping to have my first video posted on the weekend, so fingers crossed!

Hopefully you enjoyed my random post about my crazy day! Comment below what you think I should do in one of my first videos!

Happy Randomness!