3 Steps to achieve a beach body: 

Step 1: Find a body. This includes your own.

Step 2: Find a beach, any beach.

Step 3: Place body on beach.

Beach body complete!

Yes, I am being very literal. But it is for something I believe in! EVERY BODY IS A BEACH BODY!

I have now been living in Perth for just over a year and I have been a regular beach goer for the last six months. While my view on beach culture in Perth may be slightly skewed as I mostly frequent the dog beach so I can take my pooch along with me, I do think it is still a valid point. Take a body (any body!), stick it on a beach and bam! Beach body!

Going to the beach doesn’t have to be a daunting nor stressful task. Everyone goes to enjoy themselves, whether on the sand or in the water. Wear what is comfortable for you. Most people won’t give you more then a passing glance anyways. Unless you are wearing jean and it’s during summer, then I might stare a little and question your beach attire. Since jeans aren’t the most beach friendly material. (Anyone that has ever worn sandy wet jeans can probably agree with me here.)

From bikini’s and board shorts to maxi dresses and track pants, base your choices of attire on weather, UV protection, activity, and what fits your personal style. Be your own fabulous beach body!

Oh, and don’t forget your sunnies and sunscreen!
So get out there and enjoy the beach!

Happy beaching!