No matter what, I love finding events and things to look forward to each month. Whether they are simple things like a whole day off to go to the beach, or waiting each week to watch a new episode of the Amazing Race (Loving the social media theme this season!) or for longer things such as teaching new classes at my gym (another new one coming this week and three weeks till one of my favourite recently introduced class come back!) it gives me a more positive outlook when I am having a very flat monotone day.

Here are a few things that I am looking forward to in the next 30 days!

1. Oz Comic Con (April 2-3, 2016 at the Perth Convention Center.)

If I make it to Oz Comic Con, Australia would join Canada and Indonesia as countries I’ve had con experiences at. While this may not seem too impressive, Indonesia was an interesting experience at a con, and I love comparing it to what I am use to bad home. (Read: last minute sort of Supergirl cosplay got photographed by con goers in Indonesia. Where it would have been no big deal at home! Might have been I was one of the only blonds there too……) I just wonder what Oz would bring to the table!

2. Potentially creating a new cosplay.

If my budget can afford it. I would love to do a something awesome for Oz Comic Con to start my con experience in Australia with a bang, but this may be a bit of a farfetched dream. While my partner and I are mostly financially comfortable (aka we can pay all our bills and afford groceries), March is an expensive month for me as a personal trainer with both renewal of my certification and renewal of my first aide training due. So the limited entertainment budget has gone towards that and spending an afternoon learning real superhero skills and trying to get to the Con in the first place! (First aide is actually really important and I do highly recommend getting certified. Life Saving is sexy!)

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (In theaters March 20th, 2016)

I like Superman too! 


A large part of this is for a badass Wonder Women. She is a total women crush/cosplay crush. And while the Dark Knight trilogy was a turning point in how much I enjoyed Batman films (aka from I would watch pretty much anything else to I was actually excited to see them!) and I really enjoy Superman, I am super excited for Women Women, Lex Luther and some pretty badass fight scenes. I just think superhero movies just make perfect date night movies! If my partner and I can ever get the same night off from work….

4. Playing Tomb Raider (2013).

My partner re-downloaded Tomb Raider (2013) onto his computer and I am super stocked to play it! I would try playing it on my laptop but I have a small screen problem that makes lines appear all across the screen every time I play videos. (Something to do with hauling my laptop around Asia for 6 months. Canadian computers weren’t built for that type of humidity!) I will final get to continue playing such an amazing female character in a stunning setting and work on my hands a feet skills with a bow! (Portal guns are much easier to handle….)

5. My local community hosting an art show/music performances.

While this may not be what most people think of nerdy, but I believe that nerdy can be expanded to anything that isn’t always seen as mainstream. While tend to choose photography and writing as my arts of practice, I appreciate being able to check out local and international artist who specialize in different mediums. I am excited to be checking out paintings, comedy and music performances taking place during April. What I also love is it is going on for a whole month! (Giving me plenty of time to actually go check it all out). Speaking of art, if you are in the Perth area and haven’t checked out Sculptures by the Sea on Cottesloe beach, what are you waiting for? It only lasts till March 20th!

What are you excited for this month?

Happy nerding!