I love Ted Talks! I watch quite a few of them weekly, as I deem this way more “educational” then the reality TV and crime dramas that I normally watch on TV. (There is only so many episodes of CSI you can watch before you know all the fancy techniques they seem to use.) Even better then Ted Talks are Ted Ed Talks! Because they are actually educational! (For the most part… you’ll see.)

Since finishing university, I get quite a bit of time in-between courses, workshops, and seminars that I talk for work. (Since you have to always be updating your skills and knowledge as a PT! But they always schedule them at the weirdest times… Especially now that I live in Australia and take Canadian courses. Time change makes things messy! But I digress.) Ted Ed talks fill in a bit of a learning void for me, allowing me to continue growing as a person, but just doing it in 5-10 minute blocks instead of weeklong courses. As many of the talks are animated/illustrated, I find them even more beneficial as I am more of a visual learning (something I didn’t discover until halfway through uni. Joy.)

As Ted keeps pushing “Ideas Worth Sharing”, I decided to share with you my choices of my favourite talks of lately. If you are new to Ted Ed, think of these as jumping off points that can lead you down many different rabbit holes. If you are a seasoned Ted Ed watcher, feel free to post your choice videos in the comments below! (I especially love humorous videos!) Now to the rabbit holes!

Here are 5 of my favourite Ted-Ed talks:

1. Einstein’s Riddle: (http://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-you-solve-einstein-s-riddle-dan-van-der-vieren ) – A riddle I first heard when I was a pre-teen, it is complex yet fun. Supposedly design by Einstein before he got way into physics, it’s a good logic puzzle that can take a bit of thought. I highly recommend having some paper and a pen handy and give this puzzle a try before listening to the solution.

2. “How I Respond to Sexism in Gaming with Empathy”: (http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-i-responded-to-sexism-in-gaming-with-empathy-lilian-chen) – A talk given by a Smash Bros Champion, it has a look at sexism in the gaming industry without going overboard. It made me look at my own behaviours towards other gamers and see how I can continue my own personal journey to be accepting of all types of gamers and encourage positivity within the community. A must watch for any gamer.

3. “What Makes Muscles Grow”: (http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-makes-muscles-grow-jeffrey-siegel) –This is a talk I wish I had in uni. It gives a great overview about how muscles are made and how they grow, which can be different for each individual. A resource that anyone interested in fitness should watch.

4. “When you reply to spam email” (http://ed.ted.com/featured/KXdsX7lG) – For those looking for a humours talk, this one is for you! Without giving spoilers, it pretty much as the title says. One man doing what we have all pondered doing; replying in the most entertaining way to those pesky spam emails. Hilarity follows!

5. “The Treadmill’s Dark and Twisted Path”: (http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-treadmill-s-dark-and-twisted-past-conor-heffernan) – Are you a treadmill junky? Or hate its very existence? Either way, have you ever wondered how the modern treadmill came to be? Then this is your jam! A brief history on how this gym staple came to be featured so prominently in the fitness world.

Hopefully these inspired you and you learned a little!

Happy Watching!