Recently, I got back into playing Portal 2. What I realized? As frustrating as puzzle games can be, I do love a good mental challenge. Mainly frustrating because I can be very “things blind” (aka missing the blatantly obvious thing staring me in the face!) but fun and rewarding when I complete a level or challenge. This got me thinking of all the puzzle games I had played in the past and I got pretty nostalgic over what I will deem as mainly “classic puzzle games”. Because what is better then a throwback?

In the grand gaming scheme, these may not be the most challenging, nor as interactive as Portal 2, but they all hold good memories for me. Plus I had fun researching many of these games to find out they are available still for PC! So grab your PC, a couple hours of time, some snacks, and maybe a team to help you out and let’s get puzzled!

My Top Older Puzzle Games:

1. Myst: Riven: While I do love the original Myst, Riven was the first one I completed with my family. We were a great team! We spent hours working through the problems, writing notes, learning the numbering systems, and diving into the Myst Riven. I especially love the immersive nature of the game, the diverse worlds you get to visit and the lore of the universe. Plus, the static non-360 views (unlike Uru) means that if you are looking at a problem and can’t get it, all the all the information is there. You are just things blind!

2. 2048: Okay, not as old as the others and you can get it as an app for phone/tablet. Immensely popular a few years ago, the concept is simple. Slide matching number blocks together (starting at 2) until you create a block numbered 2048. Great for those that love short puzzles, or people like me, who like to unwind with a game or two before bed.

3. Chip’s Challenge: Going way back to a game that is older then I am (It originally came out in 1989), Chip’s Challenge was one of my original puzzle games. With unique sets of challenges from creatures to fire, water and ice, I loved Chip’s top down view and challenge of not only to pass the level, but to do so as quickly as possible, while collecting the chips along the way. While I don’t know if the level codes are still in place for the updated version (the quicker way to skip levels), Chip’s Challenge can still provide a couple hours of entertainment.

4. Tetris: Can you coordinate the falling blocks? I love how colourful Tetris is and I even found out there is a world championships competition! I shouldn’t be that surprised, because it is a puzzle game that takes both skill, patients, and great planning. Because those blocks drop super fast!

(Myst: Riven, Chip’s Challenge and Tetris can all be found on Steam. 2048 can be downloaded from the App Store.)

Hopefully you enjoy these classics as much as I do!
Happy Puzzling!