It’s another Friday!
Made it through another Valentine’s Day without buying another red, pink, heart shaped or useless! It especially helps when you’ve already planned what you would like (to go see Deadpool) and your partner is all for it. On top of his surprise being fish and chips and a sunset walk on the beach. Practical yet romantic! That’s how it should be!
Before I degress into all things romance, here are my favourite things from this week! (I promise nerdy and fitness!)

Favorite Movie: Deadpool
Finally got around to seeing Deadpool and it was amazing! (Finally, I mean like Wednesday. All the tickets were sold out Valentine’s Day.) An anti-hero movie filled with Ryan Reynolds (yay!), references to X-men of all sorts, 4th wall breaks, gun violence, a love story, more Easter Eggs then you can count, and a shout out to Regina, Saskatchewan! Pretty sure Deadpool is now in my top ten movies of all time now. Highly recommend if any of the above appeals to you!

Favourite Website: The Mary Sue (
A website dedicated to nerdy things, geeky things, and things just big around the internet! Articles are typical short to medium length, and cover a wide variety of topics. While many of the pieces are opinion based, it is a good site to get a general feel of what’s popular in pop nerd culture.

Favourite Youtube Series: LoreWatch by LowManaGamers (
Stumbled across this series while looking for latest Overwatch content videos, and ended up watching all of it in one sitting. LoreWatch breaks done the backstories and universe history of the Overwatch universe and presents each video with a one character focus. The videos do get a bit repetitive if you watch them all at once (because of the overlap in the characters stories) but a great intro into the lore of Overwatch.

Favourite Active Wear: Energy Bra by lululemon
As I am now teaching fitness classes 6 days a week, a good sports bra is a must! The Energy Bra is my favourite out of the three I currently own. Great support (extra wide elastic band), comfortable even when sweaty, and looks great (the crisscross straps look great with a tank top). Plus I’ve own it over 3 years and it still looks close to brand new (even after being in and out of a backpack for 6 months as I traveled through Asia). Definitely worth the investment.

Have an awesome weekend!