Gym not your thing? Rather be outside doing your workout? Meet the “Park Bench Workout 101”! A full body workout that just requires a park (or beach) bench and you! Encompassing 8 exercises, exercises are grouped into supersets that get you moving in the great outdoors.

Warm up: Start with a short jog around the area of your bench. Add in high knees, then butt kicks at some point during the jog. Then complete 10 leg swings for each leg, 20 arm circles (both forward and backwards).

The Workout:
Complete 10 reps of each exercise in each superset, and complete the whole set 3x before moving onto the next set. (Rest 60 seconds between sets).
Set 1: Toe Taps / Incline Push Ups
Set 2: Step Ups / Tricep Dips
Set 3: Rear Foot Elevated Spilt Squats / Plank w/rotation
Set 4: Mountain Climbers / ½ Jackknife
Cool down: Static Stretching (especially quads, hamstrings, and calves.)

Exercise Descriptions (Because there are so many different name for the exact same thing!)
Step Ups – Facing the bench, step up one foot at a time, till standing on the bench. Step down one foot at a time. Alternate which leg you step up and down with first.
Tricep Dips – Holding onto the edge of the bench, arms in a straight position. Feet are away from the body (knees bent at 90 degrees to make it easier, straight legs to make it harder.) Keeping arms tight to the body (no chicken wings!) lower down till arms are bent at 90 degrees. Pause, then return to starting position.
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats – One foot is up on the seat of the bench, the other foot is under your body. The stance is very similar to a lunge, just the back foot is supported by the bench. With control, lower upper body.
Incline Push Ups – Hands on bench about shoulder width apart, feet away from the bench. In a plank postion. (The higher up your hands are the easier the push up, the lower the harder.) At a steady pace, lower the whole body to the bench, until your chest is just above the bench. Pause, then push body back to starting position.
Mountain Climbers – Holding a plank position on the bench (make sure bum isn’t stuck into the air!), alternate bringing knees up to chest.
Plank w/Rotation – Hands on the bench, feet far enough away so that you are leaning on the bench. Making sure shoulders, hips and feet are all in line. Keeping a straight body, lift one hand off the bench, and rotate body till you are facing to one side. With control, bring the hand back to the bench, and switch sides.
Toe Taps – Standing, facing the bench. Alternate bringing your foot up to the bench, but not transfer weight onto the top foot. At a comfortable pace, alternate feet.
½ Jack Knifes – Sitting on the bench, knees lifted into chest, and hands either holding on to bench (easier) or held out to either side of the legs (harder). Extend legs out till full extension, leaning back slightly to counterbalance. Use your abs to help bring your legs back to your chest.

Have a fabulous park workout! Leave a comment below with how it went or any questions you have!
Happy Training!