Finally getting into a rhythm!
After a bit of an odd week, with Tuesday being Australia Day, it is nice to have a bit of routine to the week. I like my routines, as then I am less likely to forget things (like shoes, keys, paying rent) but holiday’s always throws me off! But here is a routine I am keeping: Friday Fun Favourites! 

Favorite workout video: The Ultimate 2016 Ab Workout by blogilates
View at:
A great quick ab workout that perfectly compliments a cardio or leg workout day. I love how positive Cassey is during the whole workout and love the Ballerina Sit Ups as a new variety of ab movements. Defiently a workout to keep coming back too!

Favorite Inspiration: #BellLetsTalk
A great initiative that gets people talking about mental illness and breaking down the stigma against it. Check it out more at:

Favorite Food: Corn on the Cob
A great addition to any dinner, I recently made corn on the cob for the first time in a long time! It has such a satisfying crunch to it (if you can deal with the stringing bits in your teeth!) and boiling it with a little bit of cooking sake gave it a nice acidic finish.

Favourite New TV show: The X Files
While not exactly new, the return of the X Files has got me excited! I love that they brought back both Scully and Mulder, and, though only 2 episodes in, it makes me want to say “I want to believe!”. (Yep, cheese is good.) Hopefully the rest of the season keeps up the pace of the first two episodes.

Favourite Wishlist item: The Whole Nerd Locker on Stride Fitness Apparel’s website
These would be my everyday gym shirts! Funny, witty, and appealing to my inner fangirl, The Nerd Locker has something or all types of fans. From Jurassic Park and Star Wars, to Pokemon and Batman, there is something to suit all tastes, no matter your allegiance. Check it out at:

Happy Gaming and Training!