Crunched for time but still want to get a workout in? The 100 Squat Workout is for you! Squats target quads, hamstrings, calves, gluts and a little bit of abs (yes abs! They are what hold your torso up!). So this is a quick little session to help target the booty and legs, with a couple easy arm exercises as active rest between sets of squats.
So lets get moving!

Equipment needed:
• You!
• A small amount of space


4x through set 1, 4x through set 2, 2x through set 3. (= 100 squats!)

Set 1
10x Regular Squats
(Feet hip width apart, standing tall. Bend like you were going to sit in a chair aka Butt back. Squat down to 90 degrees bend in the knees or as far as comfortable/can keep balance. With control, come back to standing.)
10x Straight Arm Pulses
(Arms straight out to the sides of the body (be an airplane), trying to touch opposite walls of the room. At a constant pace, pulse the arms up and down, about 10 cm of movement.)

Set 2
10x Sumo Squats
(Same as a regular squat but with feet starting just wider then shoulder width. Feet can be turned out slightly, to a maximum of 45 degrees.)
10x Front Punches
(Stand Tall, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders down. Punch straight out in front, twisting so palms end up facing down, shoulders stay down, arms to full extension.)

Set 3
10x Narrow Squats
(Same as regular squat but feet right beside each other under the body. Great for balance.)
10x Ceiling Punches
(Stand Tall, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders down. Punch straight up to the ceiling, alternating sides, full extending arms.)

Happy Training!