Recently I have decided to pursue a goal that I have had an on/off again relationship for many years. That goal: to hold a proper headstand and handstand without aids. This has lead my partner (a former gymnast) to ask me one night while practicing headstand: “Why? Why do you want to learn how to do a handstand?”

My answer: Why not?
It may seem silly to have such a specific goal when I am not a gymnast, dancer, yogi or do crossfit. Headstands aren’t an everyday life skill either, so does it really serve me a propose to learn how to do one?

Yes it does! Headstands and handstands demonstrate control and kinesics knowledge of one’s body in space. They show the importance of balance, and how life doesn’t need to be looked at just one way. Plus, it can be just plan fun hanging out upside down, especially if this is the time your puppy decides that you need kisses, stat! (and well, being able to show off on Instagram doesn’t hurt either!)

Headstand w Archer
Just hanging around with my puppy!

Having a fitness related goal that seems silly can be good thing. It is a personal reminder that fitness doesn’t just need to be measured in minutes, reps and weight all the time. That there is enjoyment in just getting the body moving through space! Humans were made to move, in all directions. So why not spend some time upside down to get a fresh perspective?

Remember that goals and benchmarks don’t have to be strictly serious. Fun is allowed too!

So what is your fun/silly fitness/movement goal?

Happy Training!