Superhero Workout!
Looking for a workout that will turn you into a superhero? While these exercises may not give you the power of flight or laser version, it is a great circuit that gets your heartrate up and incorporates moves that you do see in comic books. Think punches, kicks, and lots of full body movements. Because what superhero just stands around?! Choose a level (1: Helpful Citizen /2: Sidekick /3: Superhero), and complete 3 circuits of the movements, resting in between each set.
Equipment needed:
• You, yourself and your body
• Some space (big enough to move around a little bit)
• Some sort of timing device (Watch, phone, stop watch)
• A water bottle (Drink whenever you need too!)
• Optional: yoga mat or towel for the floor, weights (light!), runners, sweat towel
• Feel free to recruit your sidekick or the rest of your Justice League to workout with you!

Start with a Warm Up
High Knees (30 sec)
Butt Kicks (30 sec)
Shoulder Circles (15 sec in each direction)
Bear Crawls (10 forward crawls/10 backwards crawl x3) –Start on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, back flat. Opposites move together (right hand, left foot etc) to crawl forward/backwards. Remember to start with smaller steps until your coordination comes!
Sideways Bear Crawls (10/side x2) Same as above but moving laterally.

Circuit: Complete 3 rounds resting 1 minute in between rounds
Level 1 (Helpful Citizen) : 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest between exercises
Level 2 (Sidekick) : 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest between exercises
Level 3 (Superhero) : 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest between exercises

• Start standing tall, feet shoulder width apart
• Jump up, hands coming above your head. Make sure feet leave the ground


• After landing, hands come to floor, and jump feet back to a plank position


• Do a push up either from feet or knees. (Make sure hips stay in line with shoulder and feet.)


• Jump feet back to between hands.
• Repeat.
Front Punches
• Stand Tall, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders down
• Punch straight out in front, twisting so palms end up facing down, shoulders stay down.

IMG_2487.JPG IMG_2500.JPG

• If a break in needed, punch straight up in the air or throw in a few upper cuts.
• To challenge yourself, hold either light weights (I would recommend less then 4kg) or hold full water bottles if you don’t have weights.
Squat Jumps
• Feet hip width apart, standing tall.
• Bend like you were going to sit in a chair aka Butt back.


• Squat down to 90 degrees bend in the knees or as far as comfortable/can keep balance.
• Using your arms, power up and jump. Try to land softly afterwards.


Front Kicks with Reverse Lunge
• Standing tall, feet shoulder width apart. Arms can go where you need for balance.
• Kick forward, as high as you can while maintaining balance and control.


• With the same leg that just kicked, step it back in a straight line behind you.
• Bend at both knees to 90 degrees, keeping chest upright and eyes looking forward. Shoulders relaxed.


• Step back to starting position, alternate legs.
Spiderman Push Ups
• Starting Plank position, hands just wider then shoulder width.IMG_2581.JPG

• As you bring your chest to the floor (while keeping hips in line with shoulders and feet) bend one leg bringing the knee up to the elbow on the same side.


• Press back up, returning leg to starting position. Alternate sides.
• Can be done from the knees also.
Side Kicks
• Stand tall, feet underneath you. One hands on your hip, like you are a little tea pot, the other in front of the chest, like a boxer.


• Bend one knee up, balancing on one foot. Weight over your standing leg hip
• Kick out to the side, leaning slightly for balance.


• Return to starting position. Alternate sides.
Alternating Superman’s
• If pain is felt at any point in the low back, do not do this exercise!
• Lying on your stomach, legs and arms stretched out into an I position. Forehead resting on the ground.


• Using opposite arm to leg (ex. right arm/left leg) lift with control until about about 10 cm off the ground. Pause, then lower with control to the ground. Alternate sides.


How did it go? On your way to becoming a part of the Justice League? Leave a comment below on how the workout went!
Happy Training!