The holiday season brings people together. Having family over for dinner, Secret Santa with friends, going to the latest Star Wars movie as a date (highly recommend!), tis the season of people! So why not include the rest of the group in either your fitness or nerd life? Because the more the merrier!
Here are a few quick suggestions of activities to do with others, broken into fitness and nerd categories.
1) Play Portal 2 Cooperative. Designed for two player, it a great way to see how well you communicate with each. Both players need to work together to pass each level, as there is no way to go it alone. Perfect for a couple or BFF’s.
2) Battle it out in Hearthstone. If competition is more your style, Hearthstone is a great test of skills. Craft your deck of 30 cards and face off against friends or sibling to see who will reign supreme!
3) Dig out that copy of Myst! (Or find it on Stream). A personal family favorite, Myst is a supreme puzzle based game that is designed to make you think. As long as your family can share a mouse and one screen, work together to solve the mysteries of the island, travel to new worlds, and have the largest amounts of notes on a complicated numbering system since 8th grade! (Myst: Riven also acceptable.)
4) Star Wars marathon! With Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently release in theatres, why not catch up on the originals? Relive all your favorite moments and reopen many great debates with everyone watching together! Not feeling Star Wars? Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or a Doctor Who Christmas Special Marathon are all great alternatives.
1) Go tobogganing! For all my cold, snowy friends, this ones for you! Not only is it great cardio walking up the hill, it’s fresh air! So dig out the snow pants and don your best mittens, it’s time to be a big kid and have a workout while you’re at it! Plus toboggan races are just awesome!
2) Go for a beach swim! For us in warmer climates, ocean swimming is where it’s at! If you are feeling super keen, get the whole family out for a beach walk/run or volleyball game before hand to work up a sweat before jumping into the water.
3) Join a new fitness class together! The new year usually means a whole new set of classes starting up so it is the perfect time to join something you have always wanted to try. Plus many clubs and studios will be offering deals to get you in the doors. Grab a friend (or two) and check out what your local gym, studio or fitness center are offering!
4) Go for a walk! Whether checking out Christmas light displays, the ocean view or just going for a wander, walking is a great way to spend time with anyone. Choose a pedestrian friendly area, grab a good friend and chat away! Take this time not to think of anything stressful and just enjoy being with others.
Enjoy your holiday season with whomever you are spending it with!
Have a fit and nerdy Christmas!