I’ve been working as a personal trainer since 2011. Throughout the past 5 years, I have worked with individuals, teams, chatty clients, professional athletes, and in two different countries. I have taught small group training and large HIIT classes, had a client with a pacemaker, and co-workers that have gone to the Olympics. It is safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two while being a PT.

This list is only a fraction of everything that I have learned. I’ve kept it to the non-technical stuff, as that is a whole other list onto itself. (If you really want to hear about the techniques of squats, rows, or posterior chains, leave a comment below!) Hopefully you see the humour that I see in my chosen industry and feel my pain of trying to eat a real meal vaguely close to dinner time! (Number 2!)
So without further ado, here is my first list of 10 things I have learned as a Personal Trainer.
1. A 9-5 type of work style doesn’t exist. Spilt shifts are pretty normal, thus work/life balance is extremely important! (Also having friends, family and significant others that understand your crazy schedule is a big plus!)
2. Even when you schedule 15 minutes in between clients to eat, you’ll still end up with only 5 minutes to shove food in your face. Hence you plan meals that are in bit size proportions. Yep, stir fry is your friend. (Also, all your clients seem to work out when dinner time normal is…)
3. Trainer has a strange sense of humour when it comes to what exercises we call “fun”. Hello burpees!
4. Gyms are not warm places. Haven’t a sweater handy is a must, even in summer. (That, and I spend a large amount of time standing by the air conditioning unit it seems.)
5. Yoga pants no longer count as “comfy pants”. They are my work uniform and are promptly changed into shorts or sweat pants upon coming home. Jeans are now considered fancy pants.
6. Lululemon is pretty much the unofficial uniform for most trainers in Canada, especially for females. (Though they make some sweet looking guys sweaters!) Australia seems to push Lorna Jane more, but both brands seem to last forever!
7. Flubbing an exercise explanation will happen. It really helps when clients laugh at your lame joke as you attempt to get back on the fit ball or explain what you really meant by that “ladder shuffle side to side exercise.”
8. People can sweat a surprising large amount, especially during cardio or HIIT training. You are very grateful when they bring their own towel, and you don’t need to clean up after them.
9. They are a lot of different types of trainers and trainer back rounds out there. It is important to find a trainer that suits you, your goals and is properly certified. As with normal people in your life, you won’t like everyone. It is okay to shop around for a trainer until you find a good match.
10. Make up is wore depending on whether or not you are working out yourself right after your training session. Or if you woke up 15 minutes before having to be at the gym or not. So yes, I woke up like this and still will kick your butt!
Hope you enjoyed my 10 things I’ve learned working as a Personal Trainer list!
Happy training!