Final Month of the Year! As the end of the year approaches and silly season hits, it can be hard to stay focus on workouts. There is Christmas parties, work functions, gift exchanges and food to think about! How can it all be managed?

As a trainer, I know the challenges that December brings. But there is hope! You can do this and stay on track through December! Whether it is bitter cold (like in Canada) or bright, sunny and hot (like in Australia), here are my top 3 trainer tips for staying on track in December.

Tip 1: Make a schedule and stick to it! Scheduling workouts in advance means there will be time to do them and one less excuse to skip. So write it down in the daytimer, put a reminder on your phone, write a reminder on your mirror! You will get your workouts in. Plus, it will give you time to mentally refocus from all the craziness going on around you. Who doesn’t like a little me time?


Tip 2: Have a back up plan! Can’t get to the gym due to snow storm? Plus 40 degrees outside and don’t feel like becoming a lobster on your beach run? Go for plan B! Youtube has plenty of playlist for different styles of workouts, so find one that suits your interests and fitness level and go! Or have a list of basic bodyweight exercises (squats, push ups, arm circles, planks, etc) and do a mini circuit in your living room. My current favorite in Blogilates. Cassey Ho offers a wide range of Pilates based workouts that take up very little space and time (6 to 20 minutes on average) and are suitable for all fitness levels. So even on a blah day, I know that I can fit my workout in and keep on track in December. You can too!

Tip 3: Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of H2O throughout the whole day. Not only will you feel better, you will be more alert and focused, making you more efficient in completing your to do list. Plus, it can help with curbing mindless snacking. Throw a water bottle in your bag to work or shopping and continual drink throughout the day. At parties, make every 2nd drink water. Not only will this help with overindulging on calories, it is an easy way to avoid a hangover the next day. And if you are in a place where summer and December coincide, staying hydrated is even more important.

December can be rough, but only if you lose focus. Stay focused, stay organized, and make it through! Remember, even if you fall off the wagon, you can always get back on.

Happy workouts!