With post BlizzCon fever finally dying down, why not throw more Blizzard stuff around? Yay! During BlizzCon, the Hearthstone World Championships took place, with Ostkaka from Sweden taking home the top title in a field of tough competition. Much like golf, I find Hearthstone spectating to be pleasurable in small doses, but I would much rather be on the offense myself then on the sidelines. These guys are put together amazing deck, but I have my own style to put on it! (Mainly trying to put a deck together that allows me to get past Rank 20….)

Quick though: What is Hearthstone? According to the Blizzard website, Hearthstone is a free-to-play strategy card game that anyone can enjoy. Players choose one of nine epic Warcraft heroes to play as, then take turns playing cards from their customizable deck to cast potent spells, use heroic weapons or abilities, or summon powerful characters to crush their opponents. (The whole Hearthstone FAQ can be found at http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/faq/) End goal of Hearhstone: defeat your opponent.

Hearthstone Backs

Hear are my thoughts on what makes Hearthstone fantastic!

The Love:
-Grown up Pokemon! : I grew up playing the Pokemon Card trader game, and still have my cards in a box in my closet. Hearthstone is sort of like an online grown up version of Pokemon. With more people to play against and a smaller deck (30 cards compared to 60 cards) deck building is very important, but games are quicker (in general). Pretty much I love having a card game to play as an adult, that gives me more strategy then I got out of Pokemon. (But I still love my Eevee-olotion!)

-Tavern Brawl: Totally love Tavern Brawl, especially with the premade decks. It is a great break from regular decks, and plus getting a card pack for your first win is a great bonus. (LOVE opening card packs!) Crazy rules also see which player can adapt better, taking deck building out of equation as the main focus for some of the Tavern Brawls. Great for new players too, as new cards are seen and pre-made combos are shown.

-Option to use gold to buy things: I am a gold player, meaning I only play with gold. (Yep, following in the theme of 1 Broke Cosplayer!) Blizzard has allowed players though to make enough in game gold to buy things that keep the game exciting, though you need to play a ton to save up for Solo Adventures. (700 gold per chapter.) Great, as the game is cheap to play, but deck building with limited resources (aka not a player who buys 60 packs of cards at once with real money) can be a challenge. Casual player though rejoice!

The Like:

-Arena: Cost 150 gold to get in, but the card pack does make up for this. Win more than 2 games and made the cost back. Again, deck building is super important, but also the ability to think quickly for combos is huge. Again, a good break from regular ranked play and exposure to new cards, but not so great if deck building isn’t a strong point.

-Solo Adventures: Large cost (700 per chapter), lots of card rewards, but can be quick. The best part really is the Heroic Challenge (much harder and requires better skills) and the Class Challenge (again, pre-made deck fun).

The Haven’t Decided yet:
So many new cards! Mainly with the release of The Grand Tournament card packs and The League of Explorers solo adventure, there are so many new things! Inspire is a great tool that really pushes hero powers (which were neglected with some decks), and new solo adventures are so much fun! My slow building deck ways have me drooling more than collecting but it’s all good! Besides, the artwork is fabulous and worth it just for that!

Hope you all have fun deck building and it’s totally worth it to play! Come meet me on the battlefield! (Casual gaming is encouraged!)