Moving to a different country kind of put a damper on my budding cosplaying career. After a brief foray into the cosplaying world (read two cosplays in), I left to go travel South East Asia and live out of a backpack for 6 months. Now settled in Australia, my budget really doesn’t have a whole lot of wiggle room for extras (hence, current obsession with free stuff). Great time to get re-obsessed with cosplay and wanting to get started on a new project! As much as I hate to admit, I don’t have the funds to start anything (though I do have a lot of free time on my hands trying to live cheaply). But I can still get my fix in in other ways! It means planning, planning, planning!
So here is my inspired list of how I am planning my next cosplay:

1. Budget it out!
Especially essential as con tickets can get expensive when going for more then one day. Even if the schedule isn’t out for next year, it is be a rough estimate of how long until my chosen con. Plus, it can gives me time to save slowly for both con tickets, cosplay making materials, and a little extra for souvenirs from the con.

2. Look for inspiration!
Ideas can come from so many sources! I keep a running list of comic book, anime and TV shows that I love or think would make great cosplay. That way, I have a list to start out from when I pick a character. Another great source is to look at other cosplayers! Whether local or international, seeing a character brought to life can be amazing! Some of my favorite international inspirational cosplayers include Yaya Han (@YayaHan or, Jessica Nigri (@OJessicaNigri and and Riddle (@Ridd1e). These ladies have put so much time and effort into each character that it is hard not to get my own creativity going from looking at what they have done.

Getting to meet Yaya Han for the 1st time at Otafest! She is such an inspiration.
Getting to meet Yaya Han for the 1st time at Otafest! She is such an inspiration.

3. Use Etsy and Pinterest too!
Great way to look at individual pieces or to see multiple looks side by side. As some characters have many different looks such as Harley Quinn or Wonder Women, it is also a place to see which look best suits you and your cosplay personality or skill level.

4. Youtube tutorials are a must!
First time creating armour? Not sure how to sew a seam? Youtube is a great cosplaying resource. I have been watching a lot of armour making tutorials as this is something I have never done and want to try at some point. Also, it gives an idea of what materials that would be needing, before heading to the craft store and staring at shelve of materials without a clue of what is needed to make a breastplate.

5. Lastly, research where to get materials!
For me, this is a biggie. New city (well, new country!) means starting from scratch. Googling fabric stores, craft shops, and op shops is needed. How else would I find materials! I also look up where to find cheap basic clothing at affordable prices (think solid colour tank tops, white button ups, and cargo shorts) to save time on sewing these from scratch. (I am still learning!) This can all mean saving time as routes can be planned to effectively hit everywhere that is needed when you finally start your cosplay.

As I save up to create my next cosplay, I can still dream big and plan. And if anyone has any tips for cosplay resources in Australia, I am all ears! (Speaking of ear, check out Yaya Han’s shop for the cutest My Little Pony Ears, Wings and Wigs. Totally on my wish list!)