Even the best laid plans can go haywire some days. Starting with good intentions, I planned to stay physically fit during my travels through Asia and Australia. On top of doing a ton of walking (sightseeing usually is good for that) I was going to try and keep a basic bodyweight fitness routine that I could do anywhere. That lasted maybe a day, before realising that working out in a hostel dorm room is far from ideal (lack of space, people constantly coming and going, weird looks). So I fell off my horse. I tried getting back on a few times during the trip, only to fall off as soon as we moved locations. As I have now settled long term in Australia, I am once again getting back on my horse, this time determined to succeed. (I have a plan!) So after year of being on and off my fitness horse, here are a few things I have learned about fitness routines and restarting them.

1. There is always a chance to get back to the routine!

No matter how long it has been, there is always a way to start again. Will it always be easy to start back up? No, but there is always an opportunity to start a new fitness routine. Refocus, redefine your fitness goals and get back to it!

2. Restarting can be a chance to start something totally new!

Trying something different, novel, and new can really help re-starting fitness routines. This is especially important if the reason you stopped was because you were bored with the activities you were doing. Many gyms, studios, and fitness centers off either free trail membership, discounted classes, or a “try before you buy” deals. I love giving new things a try, even if I don’t think I would do it long term. It helps me constantly evolve my idea of what I can do to keep healthy. Currently, I am doing a two week free trail (yes two whole weeks!) at F45 Training and love not having to plan my workouts and just show up to the group classes. It’s making it easier to stay committed to my personal fitness routine. (Update: Most F45 now only offer a week trail now.)

3. Be realistic when restarting

A huge, long term goal is great, but only if it is possible to do all the little goals to get there. After two months or more of sitting on the couch, not doing anything fitness related, is going to the gym 6x/week for 2 hours at a time all that realistic? Is it possible to do it for more than two weeks before falling off the horse since it was to much to fast? Props to you if you can make that switch! If not, start small and work up to bigger goals. Whether it be challenging yourself to do 30 squats a day, or going to the gym 2x/week for an hour, setting yourself up for success can go a long way to staying on the fitness horse long term.

Hiking in the Outback
Hiking is a great change of pace for fitness!

So go forth and restart! Have fun getting back on the horse!

Happy Working Out!