I am a relatively new gamer. I only started casually gaming about 3 years ago, and more consistantly the past 2 months. Hence, I am really a newbie. But that’s okay! We all need to start somewhere.

There are tons of articles out there written by experienced players giving advice on every game under the sun. I thought to be different and offer advice from a newbie, for newbie. Because sometimes it is nice to hear from someone who is on your level! As Heroes of the Storm is my current game of choice, this is where I will start.

So here are 5 tips for HOTS from a newbie:

  1. Don’t get frustrated!
    • This one can be hard. I have only played limited amounts of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Gameboy before giving HOTS a try. And it was frustrating at the start! Hand placement, map awareness, hero builds…. It is a lot to take in. The key is to take a deep breath, remember you started because of the challenge, and start at the bottom. Build your way up, and it will take away a lot of your frustration.
  2. Do some research!
    • Learn about the game! I have found http://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Heroes_of_the_Storm_Wiki to be really helpful. It breaks down every character and their traits and abilities and puts in on the same page. Easy to see everything at once, which for me is super helpful. I can see how each talent can complement each other, without flipping back and forth on the character page in the game.
  3. Find a teacher or mentor
    • This one helps so much! I am lucky that my boyfriend (who introduced me to HOTS) is willing to mentor me. He critiques my builds, makes sure I pay attention to map awareness, and plays with me to help me see how characters build on each other. Having that helping hand to make sure you on the right path and can offer advice when frustration takes over (Yep, No. 1 again!).
  4. Play at the Right Level
    • Don’t get to cocky! I started at the bottom, where I belonged. I have slaved over many beginner vs AI games to get better. I know if I jumped in at Quick Matches, I would be a fish out of water. By building my confidence (and my gold) I was able to buy characters I love (xoxox Raynor) and level them up till I was confident enough to play in Quick Matches and be an effective team player.
  5. Have fun!
    • Play for the love of it! I do! Sure, I would also love an invite to Blizzcon to play, but that wont happen for a while. Enjoy the game, as Blizzard intended, make friends (still working on that), and have fun!

HOTS is a great game, totally worth playing. Hopefully there is some good advice in here for all newbies to keep you playing! It’s worth doing!

Till later days, SB